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Reinventing Myself in Retirement

Even though I’m retired from my corporate job I plan to stay current with trends and I enjoy attending business functions and networking meetings so I like to have a name card. Here is a card my husband made up for me with three different poses.
Thanks to all the media and image training I’ve had over the years I was able to get the pictures done in about 15 minutes. My husband was amazed, he thought it would take a couple of hours!
It’s very liberating to be my own woman and not have to answer to any boss or corporate policies! I can choose the look I want to say me without having to worry about representing my corporate handlers.

Pose #1: This version gets the highest ratings: it’s professional and approachable. The leather jacket gives it some edge, I look confident and in control.

Pose #2: This version isn’t bad, it’s favoured by the creative types.

Pose #3: This one is the least favourite. My hair stylist said I look short. Someone else said it looks like a Junior Miss Modeling course pose!

I added in this final pose, what do you think?

Here’s what the layout looks like. Someone mentioned they liked the overall look but asked, “What do you do?” Good question!  I’m a work in progress, stay tuned!


I listened to one of Elaine Benoit’s Maturepreneur podcasts last night featuring Notes from a Stylist blogger Sara Delaney and they both agreed that your first attempts at blogging should make you cringe when you look back. I’m confident my blogs will cause me much cringing!