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My Favourite Apple Crisp Recipe

I love desserts, especially ones with fruit. An old favourite is apple crisp. I use a recipe from Laurel’s Kitchen cookbook that was first published in 1983.

The New Laurel’s Kitchen is available on line through various vendors.

Tip: I stopped keeping paper copies of recipes years ago and I rarely buy recipe books. Now most of my recipes are stored on my laptop so I usually view the recipe on the screen propped open on the kitchen counter. That way I have less clutter and I can stay organized.

The Laurel’s Kitchen apple crisp recipe is quite basic with one exception that calls for 1/2 cup of lightly toasted wheat germ. This adds a nutty, rich flavour and goes well with the butter, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar and fruit. I usually just use apples, but this time, I included a pear.

Large Flake Oats Topping (before the butter is mixed in!)

Use slow cooked oats. For the inexperienced, shopping for oats can be intimidating. The varieties are based on how much they’ve been processed. You don’t want the instant, nor the steel cut type. For further information about the different types of oats visit the Whole Grains Council website.

Rum-soaked Raisins

Soak ½ cup of raisins in some hot liquor: I used rum warmed for 20 seconds in the microwave to add a flavour boost! Yum!

Sliced and Cored Apples with Cinnamon, Sugar and Flour

A tablespoon of whole wheat flour and a teaspoon of cinnamon are added to sliced apples (I included a pear too). Enough to fill your favourite dish. Mine is a ruffled Emile Henry. It makes everything look extra-fancy!

Add the topping: 1 cup oat flakes with ½ cup butter, ½ cup brown sugar and spices to taste.

Bake at 375F for 30 – 40 minutes (until bubbly and fruit is soft)
The original 1983 recipe calls for margarine but I prefer butter.

I enjoy fruit crisp with some Balkan Style 2% Yogurt, or if it’s summer, some vanilla ice cream! Do you have a favourite fruit dessert to share?


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What’s for Supper?


Supper, or dinner, is probably my least favourite meal of the day. Usually I’ve spoiled my appetite and I have to force myself to eat something nourishing otherwise it’s an evening of snacks – not good!

I eat fish at least once a week and tonight it’s cod and trust me, I really need to have an appetite to enjoy a chunk of fish when the cookie jar is calling me.  For example, I made these oatmeal cookies on Monday and they’re all gone now!


On Tuesday, I stopped in at Granville Island after a bike trip on the newly redesigned False Creek Seawall South. They’ve done a great job separating the bike and pedestrian paths. It’s a beautiful stretch along the creek between Science World and Granville Island, but there are sterile patches without any trees as the old Cherry Trees were deemed too fragile & got the chop!

bike ride

I picked up a pound of cod at my go-to fish monger, Seafood City. I forgot that Tuesday is cruise ship day, but the crowds weren’t too bad. It’s awkward when your local grocery store is also the #2 tourist destination in the city (Stanley Park rates #1). I smeared the cod with Oyster Sauce, it can stand up to the cod’s texture and natural flavour. Bake it in a hot oven & it’s done in thirteen minutes.


I thought some fresh veg would go nicely with some couscous as I’m potato’ed and breaded out. No leafy greens on hand, just cuke, red pepper, green onion and parsley mixed with a lemon, sour creme, yogurt, mayo and olive oil dressing.


Meanwhile the couscous steams in boiled water. Pretty easy, I prefer whole wheat couscous but it’s not always available.


Mix it up with the veg and it’s ready to meet the cod!


Add some organic steamed carrots and it makes a satisfying dinner ready in under 30 minutes!



I did break down & have a pre-dinner snack: an appetizer of focaccia bread, heated up in the oven it’s pretty yummy!


Enjoy, see you next time!