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“What are You Having for Breakfast?”

“What are you having for breakfast?”

In the April 18, 2018 St. Lambert Journal (my home town), columnist David Leonardo references a 1961 editorial in the Sherbrooke Record. He says it caught his attention because it illustrates the breakfast menu of 50 and 100 years ago.

”Here’s what was on the breakfast table in the early 1900’s — oatmeal, bacon and eggs or pancakes, apple pie, doughnuts, cheese and milk. Then, of course, there were loaves of homemade bread and heaps of butter. But even these meals of fifty years ago faded into obscurity with the accounts given by the great Samuel Johnson, (a writer born in 1709), of the early morning snacks enjoyed in his day. One mouth-watering menu offering: Oysters, shrimps prawns, boiled eggs, mutton cutlets, beeksteaks, kidneys tongues, ribs of beef, turkeys, squabs, teal, game, pies, muffins, baked potatoes, rice and cheese. Many reasons may be advanced for the decline of the heavy breakfast — desire to hold down weight, the belief that heavy meals are the cause of numerous ills, nervous tensions etc., — but probably the chief cause is the lack of help.”

How about you, what does your breakfast look like?  Here are my go to breakfast favourites:

  1. Terra Bread whole wheat toast topped with crunchy peanut butter and finished off with jam. I prefer home-made when I can get it, if not Bonne Maman will do.


Sometimes I make my own bread but it takes most of the day, which isn’t really a strain now that I’m retired and can set my own schedule! I’ve also started to use a bread hook and bread flour to speed up the process. There’s also an artisan bread I recipe found recently I’ll share in a future blog.

Here are two of my loaves, looking good!


  1. Fruit salad: If I just have toast after an hour or two I’ll have a snack, usually some fruit. Right now mangoes seem to be in season. I bought these and some mandarins on West 4th at a small green grocer.


I like to cut up my fruit and serve it in a pretty bowl, here’s a mango & orange salad:


If I’m adding bananas or apples, I’ll mix up some lemon or lime with some honey, yummy! That way the fruit keeps its vivid colour. We eat with our eyes too!


  1. I also like to cook oats, but that is more effort as I prefer slow-cook and those can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of stirring on the stove top depending on the type of oats. I know you can microwave but I can’t bring myself to do that… yet! I like to cook over-ripe bananas into the oats for a sweet flavour & I use water & 2% milk in the mixture, stirring frequently for a creamy consistency:


Before serving I add cinnamon and I like to top it all off with more fruit. In winter I keep bags of frozen fruit, like blueberries, in the freezer. For a final voila, add some yogurt!


  1. A fourth option is some sort of baked item. I like to make breads & muffins myself, that way I know exactly what’s inside. Even when I buy store-bought that lists just basic ingredients it rarely tastes as good as mine. This is an oatmeal muffin I made topped with a nut & fruit mix:


I made a banana bread recently with ginger & nutmeg:


Finished loaf ready for breakfast tomorrow morning or a late-night snack!


I hope you can enjoy a tasty satisfying breakfast every morning!

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Biking the Seymour Valley Trailway

According to the Vancouver North Shore things to do website, “The Seymour Valley Trailway is a 10km paved path that winds through a diverse forest. The Trailway features five picnic sites with outhouses, picnic tables and garbage cans.”

I think this is a great pathway, it’s all paved with smooth asphalt. Early April was a perfect time to try out this moderate trail ride on our bikes. We took advantage of one of the few sunny days we’ve had in weeks. Vaughn strapped our bikes onto the car and off we went!

After a quick trip over the Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridge we followed Lillooet Road up to the end-of-the road and started our adventure by 2pm. Here’s Vaughn unloading our bikes.

The path is great, nice and smooth and because it was a weekday there were only a few other cyclists and very few walkers. The no dog policy is also a plus when you’re biking, no worries about dogs darting into your path.

The ride up had some steep, long climbs but I managed without having to get off my bike and push, granny gear did the job for me!

At 9km, Stoney Creek picnic area, I decided I’d had enough so we passed on the last 2kms up to the Seymour Dam Lookout and headed back down. We always like to leave a reason, some motivation, to come back again!


Cycling back down was a bit easier than the ride up. I started to get into the groove of racing downhill to gain momentum for the next uphill climb.

We arrived back in the parking lot at 3:30 and decided to head back over the bridge to home before the afternoon traffic rush started.

Overall the Seymour Valley Trailway is a great fitness activity and now I’m ready to tackle the Grouse Grind!



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Reinventing Myself in Retirement

Even though I’m retired from my corporate job I plan to stay current with trends and I enjoy attending business functions and networking meetings so I like to have a name card. Here is a card my husband made up for me with three different poses.
Thanks to all the media and image training I’ve had over the years I was able to get the pictures done in about 15 minutes. My husband was amazed, he thought it would take a couple of hours!
It’s very liberating to be my own woman and not have to answer to any boss or corporate policies! I can choose the look I want to say me without having to worry about representing my corporate handlers.

Pose #1: This version gets the highest ratings: it’s professional and approachable. The leather jacket gives it some edge, I look confident and in control.

Pose #2: This version isn’t bad, it’s favoured by the creative types.

Pose #3: This one is the least favourite. My hair stylist said I look short. Someone else said it looks like a Junior Miss Modeling course pose!

I added in this final pose, what do you think?

Here’s what the layout looks like. Someone mentioned they liked the overall look but asked, “What do you do?” Good question!  I’m a work in progress, stay tuned!


I listened to one of Elaine Benoit’s Maturepreneur podcasts last night featuring Notes from a Stylist blogger Sara Delaney and they both agreed that your first attempts at blogging should make you cringe when you look back. I’m confident my blogs will cause me much cringing!