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Day 3 Retirement

Retirement didn’t last long. I got an email from Global TV yesterday to appear on an upcoming morning or noon time segment, “How to get kids focused on school in the New Year”. I started to do some preliminary research on the Kumon web site, there’s lots of helpful information in the Kumon blogs for parents. I’ll be ready when Global calls to finalize the date and time!
This morning, I headed up to the University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft mansion to help take down decorations from Christmas at Hycroft. For those who haven’t experience C@H it’s a 4-day extravaganza of everything Christmas! It is a huge undertaking with an army of volunteers, all 450 members of the club pitch in to help. Takedown was in full swing by 10am with the cherry pickers and crew out front removing the lights from the mansion’s grand entrance. Once inside I immediately pitched in to help, after pausing for a picture, of course! After the decorations were gathered up from every corner they were hauled up to the third floor (the servants’ quarter, very Downton Abbey!) for storage until next November.



Lunch was at Hart House, another heritage mansion, with family friends, overall a great day! And I made it through with one outfit!



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